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Monday, October 10, 2011

Gotch'a Day: Part 2

I wanted to make sure I posted these pics of the orphanage in Chengdu!! This is the entry way of the Children's Welfare Institute orphanage in Chengdu.

My crew and I were able to get a TOUR of the orphanage today!!! It was just amazing!!! Every little piece I seeand find is part of our baby Magnus' story. It's my job to put the pieces together for him! And today I'm very lucky to be doing so!!!! Here we all are getting a tour of the baby wing!

The nannies let me go into the baby room where our Magnus' spent his days and take pics and meet his nannies! This was so wonderful! I was a mess and the nannies cried just as much as I did to see that Magnus, nickname Shu Shu, was going to a loving forever home!!!!!

The crew outside the orphange! Weather is HUMID and 75 degrees!!!!

Leaving the orphanage with my baby! Bitter sweet...but oh, so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


JM said...

Hi Ann,

I am Myra from this morning!! (:

We didn't get to see the CWI and would love copies of any photos you were able to take, as well as any of you have of our gotcha moment! You were the only witnesses! What a great crew you have!

Our dd is doing really well tonight--laughing and romping with her dad and brother, if you can believe it!

I am a

Nichole said...

I didn't realize that he was at half the sky! I've heard amazing things about them! What an awesome thing for the girls to witness! I can't believe that he's finally in your arms! Congrats!

Amy said...

Oh Ann, these pictures are so great! Magnus is just a doll! The pics of the CWI made my heart skip a beat. My Hannah is there somewhere. I scanned to pics of the cribs for the blanket we sent. I can't wait to be there soon. I am anxious to hear all the details about your gotcha day. Did you meet his nanny? Maybe we can talk when you get backand before I go??? Blessings to you as you begin to adjust to each other. I'm praying God will do remarkable things in his heart so that he will easily accept your love and reciprocate it soon.

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