The Journey of a Lifetime

Ryan and I have decided to pursue our forth adoption and add another beautiful baby to our family. We couldn't be happier and are thrilled! Join us in our journey in adopting baby Schlenner!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 11: Medical Examination Day

We are now in Guangzhou! We arrived late last night and after hours of trying to check in and exhausted kids are settled and ready to be here for 7 more days. We are staying at The China Hotel Marriott and we love it! The hotel is awesome and we are enjoying her climate, culture, and tastes of China.

Today Magnus and I left and girls, Nana and Grandma in the hotel room to unpack and rest up while we went and completed his medical exam and visa picture!

I promise to post more pics soon of our outings in Guangzhou and hotel room pics...right now I'm busy with 4 kids and there is no time!

No worries as we are all well and Magnus continues to charm us more every single day!!!!!

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