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Friday, October 14, 2011

Good-Bye Chengdu, China

We said our good byes to Chengdu on Saturday afternoon and left our Crown Plaza Hotel to board our 2 hour flight to Guangzhou. Peg and I walked around one last time and I took some pics of the sights before leaving. I love this pic of the scooters. Everyone has one....really look like fun!

I am not sure what these are...dumplings???? Food is made and sold right on the streets in Chengdu. We weren't brave enough to try street vendor food in Chengdu, but the smells were spicy and hot!!!!!!!!

Here's some beef intestines......

Here are various sticks with every kind of meat you can imagine (beef, pork, duck, octopus, etc) ready for purchase. Customers buy the "sticks" seperately and then fry in hot oil. It looking incredibly interesting. Once again we were not brave enough to try it. I can't afford getting sick with all four of my children with me on this trip! So I'm staying as healthy as possible. That means no street vendor food for momma!

Here's a pic of the front of the Crown Plaza Hotel in Chengdu! It was an awesome hotel and we upgraded to a suite with a connecting room. Fabulous breakfast and the kids loved the space.

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Waiting on Him, Mary said...

We've looked it up on the internet to book it for our trip coming up. There were two of them. I am thinking that it is not the one at the Panda Center????? Or is it?