The Journey of a Lifetime

Ryan and I have decided to pursue our forth adoption and add another beautiful baby to our family. We couldn't be happier and are thrilled! Join us in our journey in adopting baby Schlenner!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Ella & Annie Come to Visit

 We had a fun was a beautiful weekend. Saturday was especially gorgeous!! Magnus loved playing in the leaves. It was his first time playing in the leaves. He was amazed the the leaves were crispy. He would smell and then taste the leaves and then say "not good momma...yucky!"
 The girls BFF's came to visit all day Saturday. They had so much fun.
 Here's Jocelyn and Annie Mae!!!!!!!!! They are two peas in a pod!!!!!!!!!!!
Ella and Gabriella giggled and ran around like they have been together forever!! Ella and Annie moved to Clara City last year. It was tragic when they moved. But when they get together, it seems like time stood still and they jump back into their routine together.

We love you Ella and Annie! You're the best! Hope to see you very very VERY soon!!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Happy Gotch'a Day Jocelyn!!!

Big day for our family...Today was Jocelyn's Gotch'a Day!! 7 years ago today Ryan, I and Gabriella went to the MSP airport and met Jocelyn for the first time!! It seems like yesterday...and today she is a very sweet little girl who has the biggest heart.

I was up early this morning making a Gotch'a day breakfast of rolls and quiche! Yummmmy!
 Then, it was the exciting part of opening a couple special gifts to commemorate the event!!!
 I always love the look of anticipation when the kids open gifts..........everyone's eyes are bright and excitement is in the air!
 .....And her face is priceless.....she is in shock and that means momma picked the right gift well!! Mission accomplished!
 Jocelyn got the new American Girl named, Caroline Abbott. She loved the book about her new historical American Doll and the accessories.
 Here's a picture of the sista's together.........................'s Magnus not joining in on the picture!!! Typical!
 He did this pose all on his own!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He seriously is a really funny little boy!!! Where does he get that....I don't know???
 Daddy smooch'in on Magnus and he giggles and giggles............
 My fancy face and her new doll.
 Gabriella is proud big sister. Gabriella and Ahnya never once complain that they didn't get something or fight about playing with Jocelyn's gift, etc. The kids just know that a Gotch'a Day is a special celebration for that child and the kids support each other and share in the joy. I love that. No one fought or had an argument at all today. I love that, too! We all had a great time playing outside, playing dolls inside, hot tubing and being a family.

 Jocelyn and Caroline having snack together!
 I had to post the other kids because they're part of the celebration, too! Ahnya all smiles all the time!
 Magnus already has things figured out. He sang "Happy Gotch'a Day to you" song to Jocelyn many times today. He gave tons of hugs to Jocelyn, too!
 And Gabriella..............another sweetheart!
We ended the evening with typical asian dishes from the Hunan Lion restaurant because I just couldn't keep up to all the cooking. Delicious and perfect for the occasion. Happy Gotch'a Day Jocelyn Ka In. You are even sweeter than when I held you in my arm 7 years ago. I love you forever!

Friday, October 12, 2012

She's A Winner!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yea Gabriella!!! Gabriella won the Marshall Fire Prevention Poster Contest!!!! The Marshall Fire Department picked one person out of grade level K-6 in the Marshall School District. Gabriella's picture was chosen out of all the 3rd grades in our town!! Congrats Gabriella!!!! She did a fantastic job!!!

                   The two+ hours you worked on your picture really paid off Gabriella!!!
 Here's all the winners from each grade level that won!!! Gabriella is in the middle wearing an orange hoodie!
                                                     My little artist!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Happy Gotch'a Day Mr. Magnus

On Wednesday, October 10th we celebrated Magnus' gotch'a day together as a family of 6!!!! It was a special day that I'll never forget!!! One year ago, the girls and I met lil' Magnus at his orphanage in Chengdu, China. He warmed up to us quickly and settled into our crazy family. Magnus hasn't slowed down since...instead he is accelerating at great speeds!!!!!
Magnus is the sweetest lil boy that I have ever met! He has impecable manners, is a wonderful helper, and has momma wrapped around his finger!! He loves his sisters and his family. Everyday he comments on our new house and says, "Momma's, new house? Magnus' new house! Finally home momma and Magnus!!" He has it all figured out and life is 4 times sweeter with him in it!

China is minus one orphan! And we are plus one amazing little boy!!!! Happy Gotch'a day Magnus!!!