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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spring Violin Recital

Last weekend, as busy as it was, we managed to squeak in a violin recital, too!
Can you see which child is the character here??????????????
Whenever I TRY to take pictures, the child in the middle ALWAYS does this with her face!!!!!!!!!! Ahnya gets silly and giggly and squishes up her eyes, nose and mouth!!!!!!!!! I love this pic and had to put it in because it cracks me up!!! However, I want apologize in advance to Ms. Dudgeon, who teaches kindergarten, because Ahnya's going to give you a run for your money in 4 years!
Gabriella and Jocelyn with their violin teacher, Mrs. Wright! Thank you for another great year.
Gabriella played "Song of the Wind" at the recital!
Ms. Jocelyn played "Lightly Row Row." She informed me during the recital that she wants to learn to play the cello too! Who knows what they'll be playing next year!!!!!!!!!!!

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