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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Spring 2011 Dance Recital!!!!!!!!!!!!

The girls had a big DANCE weekend!!! Gabriella and Jocelyn were in a tumbling routine (black leotards above), and then ballet dance, and tap dance routine! Three dances were a work out!! The girls did fabulous and we're so proud of their accomplishments this year!!!

Here's Annie, Jocelyn, Ella and Gabriella posing together for the last time dancing together. It was amazing to watch them dance together on stage but terribly hard knowing that it was the last time. Our besties, Annie and Ella, are moving to Clara Cityand we are going to miss them so much. It was definately bitter sweet.

Ella and Gabriella really had an excellent growth year! Their coordination, ability and poise is really amazing to watch!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad they shared four years of dance together!!!!!!!!! Best friends forever!

And Annie and Jocelyn did a super great job too! Little Jocelyn has made great strides in tumbling, ballet and tap. The girl just has a special talent for dance. It comes easy for her and it's so fun to watch!!!!

I love this pic for many reasons... it speaks volumes!!!!!! It was a great dance year and we're so glad we experienced it again with the Bourne Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love you Ella and Annie!!!! Thanks for the many dance memories together...and here's to many more memories we'll make down the road.

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