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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Oh Baby!!!! You did WHAT??????????

This is a very funny story that I just HAD to share! You will sure get a laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The girls were in their playroom playing babies in their play house! They had some of Ahnya's old baby things (diapers, pull-ups, blankies, bottles, potty chair, etc) that they were playing with! They were having fun and then I noticed that Gabriella and Jocelyn were upstairs and Ahnya was missing. Every now and then I would check on Ahnya and say, "How you doing Ahnya?" and she would say "Good Momma, I am playing!" So I pretty much let her go until..........things were toooo quiet! The kind of quiet that only a mom knows that something is very wrong.

So I yelled down the stairs, "Ahnya how are you doing?"

Ahnya replies, "Berry Good Momma, I am poop'in in my potty!"

I quickly replied, "What are you doing honey?"

And of course Ahnya says, "Good Momma, I am poop'in in my baby potty! And it's so stinky in my house!!"

I looked at the big girls, Gabriella and Jocelyn, and their eyes were huge and they said, "Oh no, we took out the baby potty from the storage room!!!"

Aaahhhh!!!! The girls and I run down stairs and this is what we find...lil' Ms. Ahnya sitting on her baby potty chair in her playhouse! And yes, it was very VERY stinky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a good laugh and Have a super fun day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nikki said...

Stinkin cute!!! Pun intended!!! :)