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Friday, May 20, 2011

Ethiopian Orphans in our HEARTS

There have been some major changes in the international Ethiopian adoption program. The country itself has reduced adoptions to nearly 90% percent the number of foreign adoptions it is processing. Cases are being processed in a "more deliberate" manner because of concerns about unethical behavior.

My heart breaks for the families that are waiting for their children they will never get. My heart breaks for orphans who will never have a family, nor a mother's love. Please pray for these families that are heark broken and pray for the children who never even got a chance.

There are about a handful of countries that offer international adoption in the whole world! Out of the handful of countries there are now 3 countries, China, Korea and Ethiopia, that have vastly haulted their international adoptions. That number directly hits home...our home! We have children from each of these countries that are now going through termoil.

This could have been us. We could have been that family that was heart broken. Why did it work for us 4 times, while others suffer. We are so unbelievably LUCKY to have our girls and baby Magnus, who is waiting for us in China! Our family could have been significantly affected...I am so sad for the families and children.

I am passionate about international adoption and I want to advocate for the orphans around the world who are waiting for families-but have bureaucracy , politics, and paperwork in the way. I have to believe that everything happens for a reason, and somehow somewhere God will reveal his plan and it will be made clear. But for now I am just grateful, humbled, and blessed for our 4 children. Keep our dear friends who are dealing with this now, the families who are heart broken, and the children of these countries in your everyday prays.

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