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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy Birthday lil' Ahnya Leigh Meretech

We celebrated Ahnya's 4th birthday this weekend!!!!!! Last week was her official birthday, but we were not settled in our new home yet. So we celebrated in style with family on Saturday. It was a beautiful day for a party! 
 Here's a picture of the girls in their new Matilda Jane clothing that I have recently fell in love with. The patterns are so fun and girly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to Dana and Brooke for getting me into another addiction of children's boutique clothing!!!!!
 The kids were excited to celebrate yet another birthday party. It seems that we are always celebrating a birthday or gotch'a day in our home. But then again our family does LOVE parties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Ahnya loved her new party dress!!!!!!!!!!! It totally fits her personality!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 She's wearing her new bracelets that a friend bought her from India!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks Nikki!!!!!!!!!!!

 twirling in the grass........................precious!

 Jocelyn and Ahnya...........................
 The big 4 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 Momma and the birthday girl!
 She was giggling when we were all singing happy birthday to her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 Here's Nana with Ahnya outside.....She's totally pooped and asked Nana if she could go to sleep!!!!!!!!!!
She laid down and within minutes was sound asleep!!!!!!!!!! Hope you had a great day my precious baby girl. We love you!!!!!!!!! Thanks Nana, Bumpa, Holly & Harley and Nic for coming and celebrating her birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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