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Friday, August 24, 2012

Big Changes for the Schlenner Family

Whoohoo!!!!! We officially are MOVING!!!!!!! We signed paperwork last Sunday but I've been crazy busy with sick girls with the flu~that I haven't had time to post the news.

See ya old house.......we'll miss ya! We brought Jocelyn, Ahnya and Magnus home to this house. Had 9 1/2 great years in our home.

Hello new house!!!!!!!!!!! This home just "fits" us perfectly. It's our style, close to our friends and kids friends, quiet neighborhood, private backyard, 3 bedrooms down, 2 bedrooms up, and office on main level, completely open floor plan, and a beautiful sunroom. So many things about this home seal the deal that it's the right move.

We're good friends with the buyers who are selling us their home. They came over last Friday and gave us a small statue of St. Joseph. We were told to dig a 12 inch hole in the ground facing our home, put the statue in the ground upside down and cover with dirt. So we dug the hold, re-read the directions again how to do this, and put St. Joseph in the hole. The girls and I held hands and prayed very hard that we would sell our home.

Here's a picture of Jocelyn and Gabriella holding St. Joseph!!!
We prayed many times during the day together. The girls had some beautiful prayers.
Here's a picture of the shrine above the grave of St. Joe! The girls picked beautiful flowers from our gardens (and some from the neighbors gardens, too!) They made a sign that says "St. Joseph".

Now fast forward 24 hours to Saturday......By that Saturday afternoon we heard from our Realtor that our buyers home had a buyer and contingency waived. That was the final straw! We did it!!!! Go JOE!!!!! We signed papers 18 hours later and the rest is history. Our home is sold and our buyers home is sold.... and we close Sept. 17th!!!!!!!!!!!!
My girls (and Magnus...but he doesn't get it yet that we are moving) are excited to move. Mainly because it's a larger home with much more room and mostly because they have friends in the neighborhood!!!!!!!!!!

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