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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Back to School Time!!! What a week

Gabriella and Jocelyn were ready Monday morning for their first day of Back To School!!!!!! Yes I cried! And I dropped them off in my pj's! (I didn't get out of the car!)
 Jocelyn woke all smiles, as usual, and put on her outfit that she had decided on the night before!!!
 Lil Jocelyn is in 1st grade at Holy Redeemer and is in Mrs. Sodeman's class!! She is happy to have her friends Halle and Lily in her classroom too!!!
 Gabriella was set for her first day of school. She had been waiting all summer to go back to school!!! All morning Gabriella kept telling me she was so nervous with stomach cramps...I figured it was nerves and told her to buck up!!
 So Gabriella, with sore tummy and cramps, put on a happy smile and went to school.
 Gabriella is in 3rd grade in Mrs. Supernaut's/Mrs. Buysee's classroom!!!! She is seated in the front row for a reason, too! Very smart teachers at HRS!!

I picked the girls up from school at 3:00 pm and Gabriella had a fever of 103, burning up, and ready to empty whatever was in her stomach. I snuggled her up in bed and there Ms. Gabriella was for 2 days. Poor baby!! She didn't want to miss her first day of school and mommy missed all the warning signs the flu was coming. Aaahhhhh......
I had our traditional back to school meal all planned and fancied up for the girls. Since Gabbi was dead sick I made quick decision to do 2 back to school meals. Why not work my buns off one whole day slaving away cooking, when I can do it for TWO days!!!! The things we do to make our children happy, carry on traditions, and make memories. So I split up the menu and we had Grilled Korea Bulgoki Chicken on Monday and saved the Steamed Mussles for Tuesday when Gabbi could eat.
 This is Jocelyn coming home after first day of school. So happy she didn't get sick like big sis!

 I made Steamed Mussels with clam sauce linguine and they were delicious. This is one of Gabbi's favorite meals. No Jocelyn's. Can't please everyone.
 This is our dinner Tuesday night....................
 And this is Jocelyn Thurday morning. Yep, she has the flu! Poor baby Jojo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My heart breaks. So she's in my bed all snuggled up. Sleeping. Hasn't puked yet...but I know it's coming. And she has a bell...she rings it and I come running.
 Ahnya is healthy so far. We started her nebulizer today because of her coughing and I am a full time nurse this week.
Magnus is still healthy too. He's just full of nuts!!!!

The moral of this story is, the reality of back to school week is not always fun for everyone. In fact, it makes me realize I should seriously look into home schooling....they'd be able to stay in my bubble and be healthier. No germs no viruses. But, we do what makes our babes happy. And my girls LOVE school and their friends. So inturn I am happy. I wish everyone a "better" back to school! At least we're getting the flu out of the way for the rest of the fall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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