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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Spring Recitals & Performances GALORE!!!

 The BIG girls ended their third year in violin!! They had a great violin recital!! They are are very talented little girls and music is very much apart of their lives.

 Gabriella and Jocelyn both had a mini violin recital at Boulder Estates on Monday afternoon, too. Auntie Nic came and watched!!!!
 Grandma Ro is our biggest supporter in the family! She goes to everything and is apart of everything!!! Thanks for following the girls in all their activities!!!!
Here's Mrs. Wright, their string teacher. She has been very motivational and we are happy to be in violin with her!!!! 
 Ahnya, Ahnya, Ahnya...she was kicked out of her first day of ballet for not listening...and luckily was let into another SMALL ballet class!!! She is my TEST...daily test to be exact....but an amazing little girl!!!!!
 Ahnya LOVED her ballet teacher, Ms. Breanna. She was so kind, loving, fun, and very instructional with the kids. Ahnya wants to be Ms. Breanna when she grows up!!!!!!!!!!
 And, here Jocelyn and Ahnya are fooling around in ballet. This usually doesn't happen in class...but why's fun!
 Jocelyn is a very serious and intense ballet and tap dancer. I love to watch her dance because you can almost see the wheels turning in her brain as she dances.
 Gabriella is another fabulous dancer. She dances with such ease and is finding the joy and rewards in activities.
 Gabriella has gain a tremendous amount of confidence this year. Ryan and I are amazed by her efforts she has undertaken with ease. Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!
The girls are in ballet and tap and they love it with a passion!!!
 This is Gabriella's 6th year in dance, Jocelyn's 4th and Ahnya's 1st year in dance.
Here's a pic of their end of the year Spring Performance that took place last Sunday!!!

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