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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Todd and Lucy's Farm

Todd and Lucy invited us to their friendly farm on Sunday while we were visiting Nana and Bumpa. The girls were a bit apprehensive at first. Gabriella walked into the barn pluggin her nose-which is a riot! But soon they were all over the animals and LOVED petting and feeding them all. Here's a pic of the girls in the chicken pen! They're collecting eggs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN'T believe they did that! Gabriella kept talking to the chickens and saying "come on girls, move it girls!"
The picture above is Emily with the girls. Thanks Emily for being so sweet to them! They adore you!
Baby Ahnya was in heaven being able to do her animal sounds with REAL animals!

Auntie Nic was there to lend a hand! Thanks!

Gabriella LOVED the farm! That's all she's been talking about ever since we left. On the way home she told Ryan and we should move to a farm and have some animals! This is obviously NOT the same child! What a difference an experience makes to a young child.

Here's Todd and Tommy showing Gabriella how to feed the sheep from her hand! Something she has NEVER dared to do either!

Jocelyn had no reservations jumping into the sheep and chicken pens!

This is my favorite picture of the day! Notice the cats...they're eating a raw turkey that Tom accidentaly hit with his vehicle that day. Most people feed their cats "cat food" but not the Balfany's! They feed their animals the best!!!!

The girls left with farm fresh eggs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow we're going to color those eggs and turn them into Easter Eggs!

Thank you Todd, Lucy, Chris, Will, Tom, and Emily for showing us the animals with a little tender loving care. You are always so sweet to the girls are we're blessed to be able to spend time with you!

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