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Ryan and I have decided to pursue our forth adoption and add another beautiful baby to our family. We couldn't be happier and are thrilled! Join us in our journey in adopting baby Schlenner!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thoughts and Prayers....

Adoption is a magical event and one that can't be done alone. I am asking for your thoughts and prayers today and this week as my cousin and her family prepare for a baby boy to join their forever family through adoption. The birth mother is expected to have baby boy any day and will be induced on Thursday, Dec. 5th. Please pray that there are no glitches and this family has a magical holiday together forever. Please pray that the birth mother is at peace.

Thank you!

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Nikki said...

OH...domestic adoption is so tough! There are so many unknowns and it's difficult to know what's going to happen. Your cousin will be in our prayers this week!

Love your new pictures!