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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Finally some visitors

Today was a fun day. We were blessed with some visitors FINALLY! We had my sister Nic and Adrianna stop over for a quick visit this morning. The girls got to squeeze on them and Nic also told them some disturbing stories about where milk comes from...they'll never drink milk again (Thanks Nic!) My girls are very VERY picky eaters...they don't need to know where their dietary consumption actually COMES from at this point in their lives!!!!!!!!!!!
Then, as Ryan's cousin Amy was leaving, his dear Auntie Nancy and Great-grandma Ro come over for some exhausting fun! I think they were completely and utterly exhausted by the time they left after supper! Sorry! That's life with 3 children under 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now the house is quiet! All girls are sleeping...and in their own beds, too! Hopefully the thunderstorms stay away long enough for mom and dad to get at least 4 hours of sleep peacefully! Have a good night!
By the way...we'd love to see everyone! I know I said to give us sometime for Ahnya to adjust to life and her new house and the house is open!!!!!! Come on over anytime!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ann!

I am so glad you are still posting! A picture is worth a a thousand words, and it makes me feel like I have just visited you! I was delighted to "see" Nicole and Adrianna when I visited this morning! Hi to them too! And, without even leaving Arizona, I feel like I got to go to the lake with you!

Love you all,
Auntie Erma