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Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Fun!!!

Look at these cuties!! We had a blast on Halloween. We had our friends over before Trick-or-Treating and tried to fill the kids up with healthy snacks before they ate junk! Moms and dads had some yummy spiced apple cider and maybe a cocktail before, too.

Patrick, Ava & Amy Clagget came over, along with Maya and Halle Roos. They were all adorable and made the event more special. Thanks for sharing the night with us!! We have to make that a tradition you guys!!!! We took the kids trick-or-treating for a couple hours around the blocks where we live and then called it quits at 8:00 pm! It was a beautiful night and we all had so much fun!!!
Forgive my pictures...they are all maxed out pixilated. My settings were all messed up on my camera and I had to have Adri, my niece  try and fix them. Thanks Adri! So you get the idea of the events that took place Halloween night...but the photos are minimally adequate!

Ok, Gabriella was a spooky Count Dracula!!!
 My little Jocelyn was Queen Cleopatra......very fitting to her caliber!
 Ms. Ahnya was a spooky witch...........she had her witch sound perfected! She loved Halloween this year!
 And Mr. Magnus....there really are no words for this kid! He is so crazy, funny, sweet, etc. etc. He was batman. But he didn't like the batman hat that went with confining for him. He was cute even though his batman pants were too tight and looked more like capri pants!
 Nana and Bumpa always come and help get kids ready every year and join in our Halloween Fun!
This picture is not of good quality...but you get the idea....We always make our first stop at Boulder to see Grandma Ro and trick-or-treat at her place. The kids loved it!!

Hope everyone had a great, safe Halloween! On to another holiday....

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