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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Court Proceedings Gone Wrong

Today was our final Re-Adoption court proceeding in the Lyon County courtroom! We've done this three times prior with the girls and today was suppose to go smooth!!!!!! Easy peeeezzzzy!!! Zip in...and zip out!! No such luck....

Magnus' court proceeding failed! Ryan, I and the kids were in the courtroom when Judge Bush declared the paperwork was wrong and he would not sign the Re-Adoption because Magnus came home on an IH-3 visa. And the Minnesota statute only states an IR-3 visa is acceptable. I'll skip the rest of the legal mumbo-jumbo....but Ryan and I left the courtroom this afternoon with a failed court proceeding and unsuccessful re-adoption.
Look at this face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Magnus is totally sick and tired of listening to this judge!!! Mommy is too!

Here is the lil' man all dressed up for his big day that ended with an unsuccessful outcome!!!

No worries!!! Magnus' adoption was complete and final in China. Nothing is going to happen...our family is fine! Magnus is forever ours. It is just strongly suggested in Minnesota that families go through re-adoption proceedings. We HAVE to complete the re-adoption in order to get a Minnesota Birth Certificate and Passport. So while the adoption is final and already completely legal...we have to re-adopt to get the US paperwork.

Magnus was so funny today! I was cracking up the whole time PRIOR to the judge declaring our proceeding was unsuccessful.

Here's the whole gang!
So it looks like we put or celebration on hold and get a lawyer to help us through this legal mess of unjustice. Lesson of the day: When life gives us lemons...we just make lemonade!!!

My little poopsie!

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