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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hey Baby!

Our lil' Magnus is doing wonderful and keeping this momma hop'in! There is not a dull day in our house! And I've never been so tired and happy all at the same time in my life!!!! I grabbed my camera after he had his morning bath. Here is a quick update on Magnus and all the stages he is in.Magnus has been home for 3 months now!! He is growing fast and furious. Last week at the doctor visit his measured 24 lbs. and 32 inches long. On the baby chart he is 50% in height and 30% in weight. Not bad!! He's only 2 lbs. lighter than Ahnya! He had circumcision surgery last Wednesday and all went well. Glad to have that done! Overall, he is healthy and very HAPPY!!!

Look at this nut! His personality steals your heart! Magnus is a charmer from the minute you meet him. He is trying so hard to talk and form words...he gets frustrated because I can't understand him yet. Magnus can say some basic words: momma, dadda, g-g (for gabriella), jojo, ya-ya (for ahnya), nana, bumpa, no-no, up, pee-ewe (that's for stinky!!), bye-bye, see ya, eat, oh-oh, yuck. I would guess words will come more quickly as the days go by!!

This is his MAD face!!! He really can pull off the serious Chinese facial expression!!!! We call this the "don't mess with the Tiger boy" look! I am convinced that lil Magnus will grow up and think his name is Magnus No-no...because I feel like I say this ALL DAY LONGGGGGG!!! Magnus is super busy, active, inquisitive, analytical, and strong willed! He can stand his ground with Ahnya and the big sisters anyday! He doesn't always win--but he puts up a BIG fight!

Magnus LOVES to play with musical toys, blocks, legos, cars, anything he can push or ride (or throw down the stairs), and going places with momma and his sisters! He likes to eat noodles, veggies, yogurt, cheese, any meat, pizza, and ice cream!!! I think he loves all food! Magnus loves taking a bath, playing with his sisters, looking at books, and he loves his stuffed animals.

Magnus has stolen our hearts and this family is lov'in our baby boy!!

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