The Journey of a Lifetime

Ryan and I have decided to pursue our forth adoption and add another beautiful baby to our family. We couldn't be happier and are thrilled! Join us in our journey in adopting baby Schlenner!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Gabriella's 1st Day of First Grade

Gabriella started first grade this morning and I once again feel like I have a huge hole in my heart. She was nervous and excited all at the same time while getting ready today. I hope and pray she'll have a super great day. She's bound to at HRS and I know she'll love first grade. It's just so hard to see her grow up........................

I love you Gabriella! Have a super day at school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nikki said...

I hope that Gabriella's day went perfectly! I can't believe how much all three girls have grown over the summer...but especially Ahnya! She's not a little baby anymore, she looks more like a little girl and those cheeks! She's a dolly!

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Jamie said...

Hi Ann! I'm not sure if you're going to remember me, but we got our referrals a day or so apart from CHSFS. We brought Charlotte home in May 2009 and are in the process of adopting again (twins this time!) Your family is adorable and you all look so happy! I'd love to keep in touch seeing as our girls were together in Ethiopia!