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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanksgiving with Grandpa Bob, Grandma Peg & Great Grandma Ro

On Saturday we spent the day at Grandpa Bob and Grandma Peggy's house. Together with Great-Grandma Ro we celebrated Thanksgiving and had a good time. The girls had a blast dressing up in Grandma Peg and Grandma Ro's dresses from long LONG ago! What a hoot!!!

Here's a pic (above) of Gabriella modeling one of Grandma Peg's lavendar bridesmaid dresses from years ago!

This is Jocelyn wearing Grandma Peg's actual wedding dress!! Yes, they played in it all day!

Grandpa Bob was nice enough to be the "groom" and take pictures and dance with the girls!

Little Ahnya wore Grandma Peg's wedding veil and didn't mind wearing it at all. Oh, and notice the baby bottle in her hand, too, yep she carried that around for about 2 hours!

Another pic of Grandpa with Gabriella. She's wearing Great-Grandma Ro's prom dress. It's actually a really "foxy" dress! Grandma was smok'in in that dress about 63 years ago!!!

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